11th-12th of January, 2017

WOW Convention Center Yesilkoy / Istanbul



The Forum and Fair will be inaugurated under the auspices of H.E. Dr. Berat ALBAYRAK, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and attended by other Distinguished Ministers – in case they grace us with their presence – and high-level government and private sector officials and non-governmental organizations and then the protocol members will pay a visit to the booths located across the fair area.

Invited Speakers

International and domestic speakers will exchange the most up-to-date information about developments in Turkey and across the world as well as future forecasts in practices and technologies that enable us to make efficient and effective use of energy and energy resources.

The Topics of the Forum Sessions

The participants of all the sessions will evaluate and discuss over agenda items of energy efficiency aspects enshrined in high-level policy papers such as the Law on Energy Efficiency, the Strategy Document on Energy Efficiency, 10th Development Plan and the National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency, challenges of implementations and bottlenecks and also offer solutions accordingly.

  • Cross Sectoral Topics                                                   

Administrative and Organizational Structure: To be attended by high-level officials of the ministries attending the Energy Efficiency Coordination Board and playing an active role in the implementation of national policies for energy efficiency or at least their representatives of the Board, this session will focus on missions and operations of each institution in terms of energy efficiency as well as challenges, bottlenecks and views and recommendations to eliminate such problems. In addition, the participants will dwell on the roles of organizations and institutions such as development agencies, local authorities, professional associations and unions and non-governmental organizations and then discuss over how to further make effective use of them.

Financing: The participants of this session will touch upon current opportunities, mechanisms, challenges and bottlenecks in financing energy efficiency efforts, projects and investments in the public and private sectors and then offer solutions along with recommendations for an additional model/mechanism.

Technology: The participants will deliberate over research & development efforts exerted to manufacture energy-efficient products and technologies within Turkey as well as their outcomes and offer insight into grants and aids provided and come up with solution offers.

  • Buildings and Residences:The participants will debate over measures to be taken for project, design, construction and operation stages, steps to be taken for environmentally-friendly and sustainable buildings, best practices, the importance of an integrated design approach and the minimum requirements for high energy performance in buildings to boost the energy performance of buildings including commercial and service ones in particular, and offer solutions accordingly.
  • Industry:The participants will discuss over measures, incentives, programs such as energy management, sectoral evaluations, challenges and bottlenecks with regard to manufacturing facilities and businesses and provide a needs analysis along with solution offers.
  • Energy:The participants will offer insight into challenges and barriers to the status and spreading the use of clean and environmentally-friendly energy resources including renewable energy in particular and offer solutions accordingly.
  • Transport: The participants will dwell on current regulations, technological advances, current and future infrastructure efforts to enhance energy efficiency in transport and then offer solutions accordingly.

Side Events

  • Presentations
  • Company, Product and Service Introductions
  • Scientific and Technical Studies
  • Best Practices
  • Exchange of Information and Experience
  • Technical Trips and Visits
  • Social Activities
  • Interviews
  • Training Sessions & Seminars

Award Ceremonies

Some industrial establishments ranking in “the Project Contest on Energy Efficiency in Industry (SENVER-17)” held in 2016, the most successful industrial enterprises in reducing energy intensity among those registered in the database of the General Directorate of Renewable Energy and those ranking in painting, story and project competitions held among primary, secondary and high school students in 2016 will be awarded by the high-level government officials.

Reception & Gala Dinner

The reception and the gala dinner are intended to gather the representatives of the industries and strengthen the network that the relevant parties have striven to establish for energy efficiency.

Fair & Exhibition

  • Registration and Check Points
  • Company Booths
  • New and Innovative Products
  • Notices and Announcements
  • Best Practices